Our Story

"Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure science"

- Edwin Powell Hubble

Here at Askalite, we are obsessed with nature: the nature of the skin and what nature put to care for our skin. We also know pharmaceutical science dramatically increased our life expectancy & quality of life; using the gifts found in nature. Askalite is redefining skincare using that same science. Because to us, science and nature work in synergy unlike the narrative that you have to choose one or the other. 

Think about it, we humans have depended on nature for food and medicine ever since our very existence. Plants are where pharmaceutical companies were born and they continue to inspire modern day drug discovery. That's why we honor the limitless provision of mother nature for all our needs. We believe that living harmoniously within it unlocks a flawless life, inside and out.

Founded by a well-travelled pharmacist, we pride ourselves in having an edge in the industry. At Askalite, we treat skincare just like healthcare and beyond chemistry. 

We are so glad you are here and can't wait for you to try our well-researched, science backed and carefully formulated products powered by our proprietary LAND-SEA COMPLEXTM! We should also add, we put the skin concerns of black and brown individuals front and center. We get it that skin of color has unique needs that's underserved.  

Our Philosophy: Nature & Science

As nature intended, we look to itland and seato find solutions and combine that with the power of innovation and science. Our LAND-SEA COMPLEXTM fortifies products here at Askalite to effectively transform your skin to the best version possible. Unless a synthetic alternative has superior effectiveness or purity, our go-to ingredients will always be natural origin. Currently, 99% of our ingredients are natural. 

Our Promise: Potent Marine & Botanical Ingredients 

We formulate selectively with premium, clean and effective ingredients to give you superior quality products that work with your skin, not against it. The Askalite Formulas give you everything your skin needs and nothing it doesn’t. We also don't have anything to hide so you will find a gallery of all the ingredients we use (with photos). 

Our Approach: Clean & Gentle

We don't compromise on quality. In fact, we take ourselves very seriously to compromise on anything! That's why our approach is clean and gentle. We do not and never will test on animals for the purpose of experimenting. We hold ourselves to the highest standards on the planet and go by the European Union Commission Regulations. We also follow the latest research publications to err on the side of caution. That's the reason ingredients listed below (among over 1300 others) don't have a place in our formulas. You can be sure our products are packed with time and research tested ingredients.

Our premium-quality skincare products are free from:

Acrylates such as Ethyl acrylate or Sodium Acrylate Copolymer

Animal Testing

Ethanolamines (DEA, EDTA, MEA, and TEA)

Formaldehyde or formaldehyde-donors

Heavy Metals (E.g., Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Mercury and Nickel)



Mineral oil



Solvents such as Propylene Glycol or Ethoxydiglycol



Synthetic fragrances



Hiwot Yohannes Askalite's Founder

Our cosmopolitan founder Hiwot Yohannes serves as a bridge between many cultures and areas of science. Her travels across the globe allowed her to be immersed in different cultures and to closely learn medicinal plants used in different countries.

Ethiopian born Hiwot drew upon the wisdom she gained in her travels and her pharmacy background to formulate effective yet 100% clean products. Many archaeological findings attest that Ethiopia is the origin of mankind. A place, thus, one would find gardens cultivated by our ancestors which are rich in culture and botanical diversity. Gardens famed for providing beauty ingredients to the legendary Queen of Sheba and to millions of Ethiopian women since.

She made it her mission to cater to skin of color individuals like herself. Although it comprises the majority of the population on our planet, she noticed this category of individuals were underrepresented. So she decided to be part of the change and Askalite was born. 


Askalite Founder Hiwot Yohannes     Hiwot Y. BPHARM., M.A.

---"I have had my share of struggles trying to find products that did not irritate my sensitive skin and cause breakouts leading to dark spots (PIH) that stayed for months if not longer. I even developed contact dermatitis which lingered for years. I sincerely believed there would be products that had our, black and brown skin, concerns in mind. So, I kept trying and trying and trying various brands found in over 50 countries I had the opportunity to visit. But no luck! On rare occasions, I'd come across products that would speak to me. However, I've noticed those products tend to have a certain pattern: ingredients that I knew to be harmful to my health and inferior in quality.  

One thing became apparent; there were no clean products targeted at solving the concerns of skin of color. So, I decided to create the change I wanted to see. 

It started with formulating for my own personal use, thanks to my compounding skills. I was able to clear my severe eczema and calm down my naturally hyperactive melanocytes resulting in even-tone complexion. Then it was friends and neighbors who loved what I was making. My humble beginnings, I suppose, did not allow me to conceive the idea that a girl from a small town in Ethiopia could give the world products that the prestige beauty brands couldn't deliver. But through faith and courage, I embarked on the journey to get Askalite Formulas to more Melanin-Rich Warriors like YOU! 

While I was at it, I made sure EACH AND EVERY ingredient that goes into our formulas is the purest and highest quality! I am incredibly honored to introduce the world the first Teff powered products as well. My passion for plants comes from my pharmacy background, Pharmacognosy branch of it, specifically. The delicate approach to beauty heritage instilled in me carries over as a core ethos at Askalite. I also think transparency is important to build trust. That is why we created a gallery of our ingredients to show you what goes into the products we offer to you. 

All Askalite products are non-comedogenic and non-irritating. We also manufacture our products at a leading facility in France. 

Additionally, a portion of our proceeds go to empowering emerging female African entrepreneurs. It's a cause quite personal to me and many Melanin-Rich Warriors I know. Doors don't swing open, particularly for women of color. So, we are on a mission to break barriers! I believe an empowered woman who is comfortable in her own skin (literally & figuratively) inevitably clears the way for many more others.

I invite you to treat yourself to Askalite Formulas while making a difference in many lives.

Love & Peace


Askalite Bestsub Foundation Empowering emerging female African entrepruners

Askalite is a responsible company which strives to improve our sustainable commitment to the community & tradition that inspired us.

Because women are the gateway to life and all the lives that make the world a better place, empowering a sister is something we take personally. Here at Askalite Formula, we are on a mission to change the life trajectory of other women through a portion of our profits from your purchases. We empower women to choose their destiny and give them a chance to create the life they want. Our foundation, Betsub, serves as a bridge between impactful people like you and unrealized dreams. 

Betsub seeks to level the playing field for women entrepreneurs who have been marginalized in the trade world. We provide training and technical assistance to help emerging entrepreneurs navigate geopolitical requirements and to ultimately set them up for success. This will not only allow them to stay competitive in a world with exponentially advancing trade and technology, but also helps them understand the intricate policies. We believe a woman in the 21st century has to be two things: educated & empowered!

Come on in, let’s improve lives! Give your skin its food that you can feel good about while helping to empower women through your purchases.