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Product Related

Not all of them. All our formulas are created from meticulously selected high-quality ingredients by pharmacists. Although our priorities are in check, we also work hard so you enjoy the feel of grease-free, elegant textures and smell of exotic botanical oils. As pharmacists, we are trained on "palatability" - creating sophisticated & pleasant formulas all your senses enjoy. We do not use synthetic fragrances which may be irritant.

To learn more what goes in our formulas, refer to SKINCOPEIA™, photo supported gallery of our clean ingredients.

Yes, our products are dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. Further, we manufacture in France (EU) following stringent regulatory standards.

Yes, our products are opthalmologist and dermatologist tested.

Further, we manufacture in France (EU) following stringent regulatory standards. 

Absolutely! We have tasted our formulas on a panel of diverse individuals. Depending on the product you're using, we have quantitative and qualitative data to support skin concern improvements. Please contact to learn more.

No! Most of our friends choose a skin treating serum and 13-Months sunshine Elixir. Our elixir is far superior to what any moisturizer can offer to your skin. In general, moisturizers are made using water, waxes, emulsifiers and natural/synthetic oils. In a typical lotion or cream, you are getting a fraction of what our elixir offers. 13-Months Sunshine is 100% pure, oil phase (no water or waxes) that is created to soften, nourish and scavenge antioxidants so the skin can glow from with-in.

Although our 13-Months sunshine Elixir is made 100% oil phase, made with super antioxidant botanical oils and premium Vitamin C (Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate), it is absorbs fairly well. That's because we picked oils with chemical structures that absorb well instead of grease or stain your pillows!

If you are not open to it at all, we respect that and still recommend 100% Squalane oil which is the lightest oil out there and also non-comedogenic. We promise your perception of "oils" will change once you give it a shot.

If you're still on the fence, we understand and encourage you to use any moisturizer you've always used on top of your serums.

We are working on it! Please subscribe to our newsletter so you can be the first to know.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend mineral/"physical" sunscreens to our friends that are made with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide.

Always apply your sunscreen in the morning and don't forget to reapply every 3 hours as they "wear-off" with time.

Send us an email to if you'd like us to make a recommendation for now.

We are working on it! Please subscribe to our newsletter so you can be the first to know. 

As a rule of thumb, we recommend gentle cleansers that are sulfate-free to our friends.

We have created a Skincare Quiz to help you pick just the right products for you. You can find it here. If you are still unsure, please chat with us or send us an email to

Thank you for your interest in Askalite Formulas!

Every product comes with clear directions on its packaging. If you have specific questions or not sure how to incorporate Askalite Formulas to your existing skincare regimen, please send us an email to We love talking to our friends!

Currently, all Askalite Formulas are exclusively sold on our website. We offer complimentary shipping within continental U.S.A.

Currently, all Askalite Formulas are exclusively sold on our website. Please consider subscribing to our newsletter to be the first to know when we have retail partners.

In general, products containing the below ingredients are NOT safe when expecting or lactating:


Chemical/"organic" sunscreens: Look for ingredients such as oxybenzone, avobenzone, homosalate etc.

Retinoids: Look for ingredients such as retinoic acid, tretinoin, retinyl palmitate, retinol etc.

Acne treatments: Look for ingredients such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

Chemical peels: Look for ingredients such lactic acid, glycolic acid, mandelic acid, gluconolacctone, etc.

None of which we use currently or will ever use (Hydroquinone or chemical sunscreens). So, all our products are suitable for anyone including expecting or lactating mothers. We try to update this section periodically with addition of new products but please send us an email to confirm accuracy of this statement at (just to triple check). We are healthcare professionally at the heart of the matter and we take health topics very seriously.

Company Purpose, Sustainability & Ethos

All Askalite Formulas are developed by pharmacist who are trained not just on chemistry of ingredients and formulation but how formulations interacts with the body. When it all started, skincare was an extension of healthcare with path-forging brands such as Shiseido, Kiehls and Nivea (parent co. Beiersdorf) founded by pharmacists.

We couldn't find a single lab who would accommodate what we wanted to accomplish when we started Askalite. So, we manufacture our products at a leading facility in France following stringent European regulatory and manufacturing standards.

We use innovative and proprietary formulas (unlike the path many brands take which is to simply put a label on existing formulas).

Our products are dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested (for ocular irritation).

We conducted qualitative and quantitative assessment of our formulas to see skin improvement in diverse group of individuals (which isn't common for even large companies where research is highly skewed to caucasian individuals).

We introduced the world the first Ethiopian superfood, Teff-peptide powered skincare products.

Our ingredients are meticulously selected to work WITH your skin not against it. We use premium and pharmaceutical grade ingredients. No bleaching or contaminated ingredients (that are carcinogenic, immunotoxin, endocrine disrupters or nerve damaging).

Because you shouldn't have to compromise purity for performance!


Teff is a naturally gluten-free super-food. It is rich in proteins (such as lysin and leucine), vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, C, and K), minerals and polyphenols (including powerful antioxidants such as catechin, ferulic acid, quercetin, rutin, caffeic acid, gallic acid and resveratrol). It is important to note that Teff is the only grain that contains vitamin C. It is also a great source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Due to the high peptide levels and antioxidants that are contained in Teff, it plays a key role in cell communication and soothing irritation. Our extract is made to have low average molecular weight to enhance skin permeability.

LAND-SEA COMPLEX™ is a proprietary ferment of Teff extracted peptides and Ascophyllum nodosum that works synergistically with our preferred ratio and techniques to promote powerful yet gentle anti-hyperpigmentation results while supporting the structural integrity of the skin.

It's Uses include:

Antioxidant against environmental aggressors, Skin elasticity, Promoting production of hyaluronic acid and collagen for firmer skin Skin conditioning.

To learn more, check SKINCOPEIA™, an easy to understand gallery that synthesizes the benefits of ingredients we use.

We manufacture at a cGMP facility in France following stringent regulatory guidelines which include: toxicological evaluation, preservative challenge test, potential eye irritation and patch tests to test tolerance.

Please note, this does not make our products are "pharmaceutical" or "clinical" grade as most presumptively throw around without knowing the meaning of these terms. We are a cosmetics maufacturer, period. There is no "medical", "clinical", "pharmaceutical" grade cosmetics as per regulatory bodies.

The next time a company splashes these words on their website and social media, ask them for their NCT number and look it up on If it's not there, it never took place, it's that simple!


You bet! All our bottles are made from UV protective glasses which can be recycled indefinitely. Our boxes are recyclable and work with a vendor that plants trees with every purchase we make with them.

Pharmacists are trained not only in the chemistry of formulations but how the formulations interact with the body. If you've ever picked up a prescription from a pharmacy (you likely have) you know every kind of doctor sends prescriptions to the pharmacy. That is because pharmacists are experts in drugs, ingredients and compounding customized medications for patients. That, of course, includes topical drugs.

We are healthcare professionals at heart! When it all started, skincare was an extension of healthcare. The early brands such as Kiehls, shiseido and Nivea were founded by pharmacists. Now, there is barely any science or healthcare in skincare (unfortunately). 

So, we are trying to REDEFINE SKINCARE by treating skincare just like our predecessors. 


The icon is inspired by our core novel ingredient, Ethiopian superfood, the grassy Teff plant. We take pride in being the first skincare company to incorporate this marvelous plant peptides in skincare.

Giving Back

Askalite offers unique opportunities that bring visions of emerging women entrepreneurs to life through our foundation—Betsub—fully funded by a portion of our proceeds. If you'd like to mentor and believe you have the skillsets to set a sister on a successful trajectory, we would love to hear from you. Please send all messages to

We appreciate you!