Our Story

Here at Askalite, we are obsessed with nature. We believe that living harmoniously within it creates a flawless life inside and out.

That is why we have decided to offer your skin our well-researched and carefully chosen ingredient packed products. We believe skin care should be effective and uncomplicated. We look to natureland and seato find solutions for your skincare concerns and combine them with the power of science. Our mission is to give you a blend of ingredients that will leave your skin radiant and preserve your natural beauty. The Askalite Formula gives you everything your skin needs and nothing it doesn’t. Additionally, women love our luxurious textures and smell of exotic botanical extracts. Askalite Formula is against the cruel treatment of animals for the purpose of experimenting. We aspire to be in every woman’s household as a daily reminder that she’s powerful and can have it all. We aim to encourage her to be bold and daring to conquer the world! No power can stop us when we are going in the very direction of mother nature. 

Askalite Formula was born of the desire to create products that are natural, non-toxic and effective for use on delicate skin. All our products are, also, non-comedogenic and non-irritating. Poised at the crossroads of sophistication and deeply-rooted gracious culture, our cosmopolitan founder Hiwot Yohannes (Askalite) serves as a bridge between many cultures and areas of science. Her travels across the globe allowed her to interact with cultures and to understand the universality of a woman’s desire to maximize both inner and outer beauty. Her understanding of intricate trade policies coupled with her pharmacy background makes her a multi-faceted individual with an edge in developing high quality products. She, and her company, represent her sisters around the world in celebrating women’s empowerment, their sexuality, dreams of higher purpose and strong desire to live a well-rounded clean life. 

"Askalite Formula was born of the desire to create products that are natural, non-toxic and effective for use on delicate skin"

Askalite was born and raised in Ethiopia. Many archaeological findings attest that Ethiopia is the origin of mankind. A place, thus, one would find gardens cultivated by our ancestors which are rich in culture and botanical diversity. Gardens famed for providing beauty ingredients to the legendary Queen of Sheba and to millions of Ethiopian women since.

Our high-quality skincare products of course, natural and not tested on animals, are free from:

  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Petrolatum
  • Formaldehyde-donors
  • Sulfates

Our Founder

Hiwot Yohannes

My name is Hiwot Yohannes, or as I like to call myself “Askalite”. Askal is my late mother’s name. Askal-ite products honor my mother and all the strong women out there who say yes to life every day of their lives.

My mother, although just a high school graduate, instilled in me a commitment to education and a drive to be independent. I went on to become a pharmacist, the first woman to earn an advanced science degree in my family. I also did my masters degree in business and currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Public Policy. My professional travels to all corners of the world were beyond imagination. That not only made a phenomenal difference in my life, but also gave me a fresh perspective for markets and products across continents. I quickly noticed that the personal care industry did not provide satisfying products regardless of how much I was willing to pay. I have had my share of struggles trying to find products that did not irritate my sensitive skin and cause breakouts leading to dark spots that stayed for years. I truly believed there would be products that had my concerns at heart and I just had to keep trying. What’s worse, the numerous products filling shelves contained ingredients that I knew to be harmful to our health.

Of course, I did not think I’d ever have my own formulations immediately. However, I had already started mixing plant based ingredients for my personal use, thanks to my apothecary skills, when the reality sunk in that there was a gap in the marketplace for women of my complexion. My humble beginnings, I suppose, did not allow me to conceive the idea that a girl from a no street name village in Ethiopia could give the world products that are all natural, effective and luxurious. My passion for quality personal care products come from a heritage of delicate approach to beauty. It goes without saying that my culture and origin are the backbone of Askalite Formula.

Eventually, I partnered with a leading lab facility in the industry to get these botanical and marine sourced packs of goodness to you in the most sterile condition possible. All Askalite products are non-comedogenic, non-irritating and cruelty free. 

Askalite Foundation commits to a cause that I hold dear to my heart as well. Losing a mother at a young age was hard, but living with the sad memory of her unfulfilled dreams is harder. That has pushed me to creating opportunities for striving women.

I invite you to treat yourself to Askalite Formula luxurious collections while making a tremendous impact in the lives of striving women entrepreneurs!

Love & Peace


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