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Giving Back

Askalite is a responsible company which strives to improve our sustainable commitment to the community & tradition that inspired us.

Because women are the gateway to life and all the lives that make the world a better place, empowering a sister is something we take personally. Here at Askalite Formula, inspired by a mother-founded by a daughter, we want to touch the lives of other women through a portion of our profits from your purchases. We want to empower women to choose their destiny and give them a chance to create the life they want. Our foundation wants to serve as the bridge between impactful people like you and unrealized dreams. 

Askalite Foundation seeks to level the playing field for women entrepreneurs who have been marginalized in the trade world. We provide training and technical assistance to help them navigate businesses which comply with current geopolitical requirements. This will not only allow them to stay competitive in a world with exponentially advancing trade and technology, but also helps them understand the intricate policies. 

We buy directly from the farmers so you get the finest quality of oils...

Sourcing our botanical ingredients from Ethiopia provides livelihood for innumerable people who cultivate and sell the plants. We buy directly from the farmers so you get the finest quality of oils that have not been adulterated through supply chains. This supports farmers and distillers engaged in ecological and environmental preservation and restoration. When a community can gain economic incentives for cultivating; it helps the region protect and restore its biodiversity. 

Come on in, let’s improve lives! Try these exotic natural products while helping to empower women and preserve our planet through your purchases.

Live in Nature. Live in Harmony. Live Flawless.

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